Supply Chain Consulting


Expert help for optimum solutions

The OMP consultants have an outstanding reputation in Mill Products (paper & packaging, metals, plastic, floor covering, glass,…) and Semi Process industries (chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, CPG,… ), drawing on corporate expertise of more than 30 years.

Our consultants enjoy thinking along with the customer, providing advise to come to the best possible planning processes, system and environment. They like working with software, configuring the OMP tool to match the customers requirements and processes. And they like working with people, teaching and training the users to make sure that they make the best use of all the capabilities of the system.

We have only one aim: to provide our customers with innovative supply chain solutions that work. Only in this way can we help our customers to go for the optimum.


Committed to results

Our consultants guide the customers through the phases of analysis, prototyping, parameter setting, testing, validation, solver tuning, documentation, training and post-implementation support, with the help of clear project management and milestone planning. Our consultants are renowned for their customer commitment. That means we don't rest until final acceptance of the project, and we make sure these solutions are kept running. Working for us means helping us to maintain this excellent reputation.