Customer Services

While our software modules are an essential part of our solution, our commitment goes far beyond that. We focus on delivering solutions that improve our customer's supply chain design and planning. 


Customer Support

With OMP, customers can rely on support and maintenance long after the software has gone live. Therefore, a well-organized and highly skilled Customer Services Support team is important to keep solutions up and running under all conditions.

Customer Services Support is a dedicated team that provides customers with a single point of contact for questions and issues related to our products.

As our customers are all engaged in industry, we understand fully that any glitch is liable to have a significant impact. Accordingly, our multilingual support team is organized with industrial efficiency. Online troubleshooting and remote diagnosis are standard practice for us. Providing a solution in line with the Service Level Agreements we have with the customers is core to our business.

It is most important to avoid problems wherever possible. Customer Services offers a database 'Health Check' service which highlights key status parameters and potential problems, allowing issues to be resolved pro-actively.

Upgrading an application to the latest build ensures that the customer benefits from the latest developments and fixes in our software.

We support users in understanding and applying our software’s functionality. Listening to customers and receiving feedback is an essential part of the quality process and allows us to better understand customer requirements and improve customer relations. Customer Services Support ensures that this feedback is handled by the correct resources.

Our Customer Services Support consultants enjoy thinking along with the customer in order to provide advice to come to the best possible solution. They are good communicators, like working with software and have good analytical skills.


Training and Documentation

With Training and Documentation, users are given information on the applications’ functionality and how it can satisfy their business needs, allowing the users to maximize the potential of our software.

OMP’s consulting services help to design suitable solutions for any Supply Chain challenge. We commit ourselves to back these solutions with suitable training and documentation for the consultants and the key-users of our software.


The Training and Documentation team is responsible for the creation of clear training material for consultants and key-users: both interactive courses and e-learning courses. We organize and give training to both internal participants and customers.


The main focus of the Training and Documentation team is to write clear and user-friendly documentation for consultants and key-users. We continually update the documentation with the new features of our software. In order to collect all necessary information about these new features, we work in close collaboration with the functional product managers and the software development team. The Training and Documentation team continuously searches for opportunities to improve the knowledge dissemination within our company and to our customers.

Planning & Coaching

Our Planning & Coaching Services provide users and key users with training, coaching, documentation and testing support. As part of the Planning and Coaching Services, we offer both standard and customized training courses.


Cloud and Installation

We provide our solutions not only on premise, but also in the Cloud. This platform is designed to provide easy and secure access to our applications and services. The Cloud and Installation team supplies the necessary hardware, software and services, so that there is no need for the customer to provide its own resources or allocate IT staff.