Marketing, Communication & Sales

Our customers all over the world appreciate OMP’s highly competitive products and services. Our commitment to results has become our trademark. OMP owes its reputation to the quality of its full range of services. Marketing, Communication and Sales serve a supportive but crucial role, i.e. to inform potential and established customers about the optimum solutions that fit their needs.


Marketing and Communication

The Marketing team turns OMP's vision into a marketing strategy that meets our needs. 
The core mission of the Communication team is to translate this strategy into engaging content, using a variety of marketing materials. At the same time, we strive to provide customers, colleagues and other stakeholders with clear, accurate and timely information.



The Sales department’s primary concern is to develop and stimulate long-term customer relationships. In close collaboration with our sector and product experts, our sales staff are able to come up with the right answer to any question, based on a sharp analysis of each customer’s specific needs. Our account managers continuously scan the market for new opportunities. Their market analysis provides important input for the marketing strategy. Finally, they carry out prospecting and represent OMP at trade fairs, events, and seminars.