Software Development

Are you passionate about software development? Do you want to work in a team that stimulates creativity? Are you excited at the prospect of getting your teeth sunk into challenging projects? If so, OMP is the right choice for you.

Our software developers

Our software developers pride themselves on their dedication to staying at the forefront of their field, developing innovative supply chain planning solutions for our customers worldwide.
We love software developers that take the initiative, are driven to succeed and are creative. We are a tight-knit team of fun people who work towards one goal: creating high-quality supply chain software that makes a difference for the supply chains of global corporations.

Our methods and technology

Our customers challenge us every day. That’s why we make it our business to stay up-to-date with the most recent evolutions in software design. That means our software is constantly evolving from an architectural point of view, for example in the field of service-oriented, task-based programming.
For the core of our applications, we use C++. Why? Because we want to optimize our applications for speed and memory. And to give our developers the best tools for the job, we actively follow up on the latest C++ standards. We put a lot of focus on software architecture and design; our service-oriented architecture allows seamless integration with other technologies and external systems, for example via web services (ASP.Net Core) or dedicated clients (Qt and other recent UI technology).

Our commitment to high-quality software

Top-quality work is of the utmost importance to OMP. We apply this value to everything we do to make sure our software is available at all times without errors or glitches. We work closely together with our in-house functional product managers, all of which are top-notch experts in the field of supply chain management.
To ensure the creation of robust software, we adhere to a well-defined quality process, testing our software via different approaches, and undertaking extensive design and code reviews. We strive to detect issues as early as possible in our development process, for example by using unit testing. We have a dedicated team of scrum testers, several CI systems that run automatic tests, and a specialized QA team responsible for upgrade, regression and integration testing.

Our future-proof products

At OMP we pride ourselves in building reliable and intelligent supply chain planning software. Our customers are usually large, well-known companies whose day-to-day organization has complex and challenging supply chain issues. OMP’s planning software, OMP, has been created to make a huge difference in the efficiency and reliability of supply chains.
If you rise to the challenge of working as a software developer at OMP, you will get the opportunity to shape and develop software that can handle these complicated supply chains, gaining experience in building robust, smart and scalable software.

  • Robust – to ensure our customers can trust the supply chain plans our software provides.
  • Smart – we apply advanced optimization algorithms, machine learning and AI techniques in order to create the most valuable supply chain plans.
  • Scalable – our solutions solve the most complicated world-wide supply chain problems. This requires calculations to be made on extremely large datasets. Efficient data handling, fast performance and powerful solver logic are all key.


Our company

We’re a company with humble Belgian beginnings that has grown to be internationally renowned. And the market agrees. That’s how we became the supply chain planning partner of choice for multinationals such as Johnson & Johnson, BASF, Procter & Gamble, and Shell.
Innovation remains a core value for OMP and we are fiercely proud to create and develop our own product. In fact, we yearly invest 30% of our annual revenue in innovation.
OMP offers a challenging work environment for more than 100 software developers, empowering them to grow and boost their development and future career. Our development team consists of more than 15 different nationalities based in Belgium (Antwerp, Ghent, Wavre), Spain (Barcelona), Ukraine (Lviv) and the United States (Atlanta). We encourage our software developers to travel to improve team work.
We put the personal growth of our employees first. This means we have a structured program of coaching, training and personal guidance to ensure you’re happy with what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. You’ll never feel like just another cog in the wheel at OMP.

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