Innovation & Knowledge Sharing


OMP boosts innovation

Boosting innovation is one of our core values. We dedicate a large amount of time and 30% of our annual revenue to research and creativity. This results in an innovative team spirit in which we all work together towards the same goal: creating state-of-the art supply chain planning solutions for our customers worldwide.


OMP inspires creativity

Innovation and creativity are important parts of our company DNA, which is why we continuously encourage our employees to think differently. It’s not just a bold statement, it’s how we work. We promote cross-team collaboration and ongoing innovation challenges that inspire our entire team. To give just one example, we utilize the Yambla idea generation tool to continuously evaluate innovative ideas from team members. Each idea is evaluated, and the best ones are implemented company-wide.


OMP collaborates to innovate

We believe that product innovation is more focused and effective when you include all your stakeholders, which is why we frequently sit down and talk with our customers. From industry councils to focus groups, from pilot products to road maps, we work hard to think along with our customers to find innovative, future-proof solutions to their most complex supply chain planning challenges. Collaboration is the engine that drives innovation. Together we can make the difference!


OMP shapes the future

Our academic roots have developed into sustained partnerships with knowledge institutes around the world, including a strong involvement in international research projects in the field of supply chain planning and optimization technology. We frequently give guest lectures and provide Master and PhD students the opportunity to work on challenging real-life cases during their thesis projects. We also participate in research programs with e.g. Vlerick Management School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Free University of Brussels (VUB), and collaborate with many other academic and knowledge institutes around the world.

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