There's no experience like on-the-job training

Lifelong learning is not a buzzword at OMP. 

When you start working with us, we work out a training program for your first months, depending on your background and the projects you will work on.

You will get a basic training package. This package includes introduction trainings about procedures and teams, training on our supply chain planning applications, soft skills trainings…

Besides the formal training package, individual trainings can be followed according to your specific needs. Suggestions can be made on your own initiative or by your coach. These trainings are organized internally or externally (ex. language courses, specific IT training, Apics…).

But what’s really important is on-the-job training. A coach and a day-to-day coach will be assigned to you, who guide you through various projects, make sure you grow, learn new things, develop certain competences, and take on responsibilities.

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Training at OMP