Software Engineer


“The choice for a PhD is often driven by the scientific curiosity of the student: a willingness to discover new material and to understand it through and through. That same mentality can be found within OMP. As a Software Engineer at OMP, you are continually learning, understanding and mastering new ways to come up with the best solution.”

“OMP is an organization that stays in touch with the academic world, and has particularly good contacts there in order to keep up with the latest developments in the research domain.”

“I appreciate the fact that when OMP do something, they commit themselves to do it right and well, rather than doing the bare minimum. I enjoy working towards excellence as a team. Knowing that the customer will benefit from your work on a daily basis is a highly satisfying thought.”

“Both my own coach and management really make me feel that they care – not only about the product, but also about me as a person.”

Benoît has a Master in Computer Science, with a minor in Management from the University of Liège and a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Artois (FR).

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